Why I Chose Psychology

Many of those that I graduated high school with knew exactly which college they wanted to go to and what to major in. I wasn’t like the others. I didn’t figure it all out until the end of my 2nd year of college, the time when I should’ve transferred to a university. My whole life, my parents (most of all, my mom) was pushing me to become a nurse, like most Filipino families. I was never truly interested in becoming a nurse and my parents knew that. However, we had a plan that I would first graduate from nursing and then I can go back to school to major in whatever I wanted. I thought, at first, that this made sense. But then I started to not do so well in all of my science classes. This was in direct correlation to my lack of interest in anything biology/chemistry related. I would spend hours studying and stressing myself out over the fact that I was still lost after all the work that I’ve done. It’s really difficult to study for a class that you are not at all interested in.

Fast-forward a couple semesters and a couple D’s and F’s later, I took my first Psychology class. It was Psychology 300: Introduction. Everything I learned was so fascinating to me; from classical conditioning to mental illnesses. It was the first time, in a long time, that I was enjoying my study sessions. It was also my very first A in college. I knew this is what I wanted to major in, but I didn’t really know what type of careers I could go for with a Psychology degree. So I did my research; a lot of research.

I’ve prayed a lot about what I should major in because I felt so lost. I’ve always known that I wanted to help others. I love to volunteer and enjoy giving my time to the people in need. After my research, I knew I liked the idea of counseling and industrial-organizational psychology. In one of my other Psychology classes, we watched a video about domestic violence then suddenly it finally hit me what I really wanted to do. I wanted to help children and families overcome physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. I wanted to help those who were victims of domestic violence. I wanted to spread hope and shine a light on those who have been affected and have lost hope of goodness in the world. I wanted to spread the good Grace of God. So, that’s when I realized that Psychology is the major for me.

I’m still debating on whether I should double major in Social Work or Child Development or Family Sciences. I’ve been praying for some clarity on that. But at least I know now exactly where God wants me to go.

I'm Back And Better Than Ever!

It's been more than a year since my last blog post and since then, so much has happened. I've promised myself that I would stick to blogging and, once again, I broke that promise. However, I forgave myself, picked myself up, and tried again. That's what I'm doing today.

I can honestly say that I've grown so much that I no longer recognize the self that I was this time last year. I've lived my happiest and saddest day. I've learned so much from all of my mistakes. I've given so much of myself to the community that surrounds me. I have come to know Christ and the good grace that He has given me. I've also closed the door to a very important relationship. I will spare you the details.

It's 6:09 on Thursday, October 6th. I only had one class today, Soc 120: Race and Ethnicity. It's a great class. Like all sociology classes, it makes you think. Did you know that Columbus basically wiped out the Arawaks, the natives of Hispaniola? He committed genocide and yet we, Americans, dedicate a holiday for him. It's all about the master narrative. I'm excited for what else we'll learn in Sociology 120.

So why did I decide to start blogging again? Well, I'm now 21. I am officially in my 20s. I have so many aspirations and so many goals I want to accomplish. Basically, I want to record my growth; my progress. I want to document my development. The day I turn 30, I want to be able to go back to this very post and see how differently my views have shaped. And hopefully, I will be able to see how terrible of a writer I was and hope that I've progressed in my writing. I want to be able to document the steps that I've taken in order to grow into the person that I hope I will be. In 9 years from now, I want to remember this very night. The night that I decided that I needed to wake up, get up, and start actually living. Hi! I am Christa and welcome to my blog!

To God be the glory!